Cowhide Leather V/S Buffalo Leather Jackets

Cowhide Leather V/S Buffalo Leather Jackets

If you plan to buy a leather jacket, you will get surprised by the different kinds of leather that you will come across. As compared to the time when only fine leather was something that people used to buy, now they also get to choose if they would like to wear cowhide or buffalo leather. Vegan leather has also become a popular choice for many people.

Most people opt for a cowhide leather jacket because of the style that it comes with. There are different aspects that different individuals consider while buying leather jackets. The leather that comes from the water buffalo is known for its softness. You will also be able to understand that when the water buffalo leather is in the raw state, it is thicker than the cowhide.

How the jackets are manufactured?

When it comes to the manufacturing of the leather jacket, the raw hide is not used because of the thickness of it. In both the leather; cowhide and buffalo, there are two layers in which leather is split. The part with which hair is attached is known as top grain and the other layers of it are known as split grain. The good quality leather jackets are made from the leather which has a thickness between 1.5MM and 2.0MM.

The thickness of jackets also depends on the dealer from whom you buy the jacket. With so many brands listed online, you can find the one that can offer you the best leather jacket.