What Are The Various Characteristics Of Handmade Silver Jewellery? – Is It Beneficial To Wear?

There are two processes of making silver Jewellery. One is by machines and the other one is through manual labour. Various professional jewellery makers spend days and months to create one piece of jewellery. There are various characteristics of the handmade silver jewellery available onliine which makes it different from the machine made one. In this article, we will be discussing about such characteristics as well as the benefits of purchasing handmade over machine-made.

How to differentiate the handmade as well as machine made silver jewellery?

The handmade silver earrings have a different texture as well as glow to, which cannot match the machine made jewellery. Here are some other characteristics of handmade jewellery –

  • The raw material for the processes is the same. Silver rods, sheets, bars etc. are molded in the shape of jewellery. While in the machine-made process, the machines are used to mold the raw materials, in handmade process, it is done manually by melting the materials.
  • The handmade jewellery pieces are considered as finer than the machine-made ones. Handmade jewellery looks more aesthetically appealing.
  • Handmade pieces are usually heavier than the machine-made ones.
  • Wax molds are used in the machine process to set up the stones, whereas the manual labour sets it on their own. Surprisingly, the results given by the manual labour are considered as more accurate.

Whenever you purchase handmade silver earrings, you are basically supporting the local artists. Handmade jewellery looks unique and it is precious. Hence, it is advisable to go for the handmade jewellery only so that you can provide your support to the local economy.